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The Western Bowhunter Podcast is here to bring you people and stories of Western Bowhunting. Hosted by South Cox of Stalker Stickbows and Kody Kellom of Born And Raised Outdoors, where they live life to the fullest! Whether it is topics of preparing for the backcountry, calling elk or spot and stalk hunting, we will bring you interesting guests and incredible insight. If you bowhunt the West for Elk, Mule Deer, Blacktail Deer, or anything you can chase with a tag, you better sit tight and enjoy the ride. If you have any questions or requests, we'd love to hear from you. E-mail us at: Thanks for listening! // South Cox & Kody Kellom
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May 8, 2018
Hey everybody, welcome to the show. I’d like to apologize for the lack of episodes being posted recently, my editor was unexpectedly unavailable. I appreciate you all being patient, and hope you enjoy this next episode. On today’s show, I am joined by My good friend Brian Morris, and we discuss hunting in California. Brian has been hunting in California for long enough to have seen dramatic changes in populations and hunting areas, which we discuss in depth. I hope you all enjoy this episode, and don’t forget to leave a review! Thanks for listening.
Show Notes:
  • Interview starts (00:45)
  • Brians history of hunting with a stick bow (3:00)
  • Hunting with our mutual friend Charlie (7:00)
  • Brian’s daughter (8:30)
  • Turkey hunting opportunities (15:00)
  • Hog populations (19:00)
  • Deer populations (25:00)
  • Brian’s stud black bear from last year (27:45)
  • Brian’s recurve set up (33:30)
  • Arrow set ups (37:00)
  • Shooting styles (43:00)
  • Nevada Elk hunts (48:30)
Apr 17, 2018

Hey everyone, welcome to the show. At the beginning of this episode I clarify something that was spoken about on our last episode about Colorado. It has to do with the legality of certain types of broad heads, so make sure you listen closely, and I apologize for any confusion and misinforming all of you. This episode is once again a Patrick McManus episode. This chapter is from his book “To Sniff a Gift Fish,” titled “The Bush Pilot.” I apologize for the lack of episodes from last week, but we are back on it and have got a lot of content coming out for you guys and we will be as consistent as we should be for you all. I appreciate you listening today, and being patient with us! Hope you all enjoy this episode as much as I did.

Apr 5, 2018

Hey everyone, welcome to the show. Today’s episode is a little different. I am joined by my old friend Charlie Bisharat, who was the founder and creator of Stalker Stickbows. In this episode, we reminisce over how Stalker came to be, the series of events that lead up to it being handed over to me, and just over all some of the history behind the company. I hope you guy’s enjoy this sort of behind the scenes episode, and thanks for listening.

Apr 3, 2018

Hey everybody, welcome to the show. Today’s episode is another Patrick McManus reading from the book “Into the Twilight-Endlessly Grousing.” The chapter is titled Mrs. Peabody Two. If you have listened to the previous readings, you’ll remember the story about the car that was named “Mrs. Peabody.” This is yet another similar story, and as you will all be able to notice, this one struck a chord with me. I apologize for the uncontrollable laughing, but I honestly couldn’t help myself. My editor Nick even cleaned it up and shortened it quite a bit, but insisted on leaving a good chunk of me laughing hysterically because it is just too funny to take out. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did, and thanks for listening.

Mar 29, 2018
On today’s episode of the Western Bowhunter Podcast, I sit down with an old friend of mine and we get into some of the nitty-gritty of hunting the state of Colorado. Scott has been bowhunting in the State for much longer than I have and is a wealth of knowledge for those who don’t have as much experience. We get into the three different types of terrain that Colorado has to offer as far as mule deer hunting goes, and why Scott chooses to hunt where he does. I hope this episode, as well as the one from last week, will be beneficial for you as the draw season comes to a close, and thank you very much for listening!
Show notes:
  • Making the move to Colorado (2:00)
  • Early bowhunting in Colorado (5:00)
  • Coming to hunt elk in Colorado for the first time (8:45)
  • Finding bulls in their summer routines (12:30)
  • Finding motivation and past regrets (21:00) 
  • Hunting wilderness areas vs hunting national forests (24:15)
  • Advice to those who hunt out of state in Colorado (26:00)
  • Planning ahead and having a meat packer lined up (18:30) 
  • Difference between hunting elk vs mule deer in Colorado (32:00)
  • Choosing glass (34:30)
  • Choosing what part of the season to focus on (37:00)
  • Focusing on terrain and topography (44:00)
  • Know when to move fast and know when to slow down (48:15)
  • What to do when you’re in range and he won’t stand up (51:15)
  • Colorado bonus points (54:45)
  • Backcountry gear (1:00:00)
  • Getting into your 50’s (1:02:30)
  • The high country shoot (1:11:30)
Mar 27, 2018

Welcome to the show, today’s episode is another Patrick McManus episode. Todays reading is from the book "Never Sniff a Gift Fish,” chapter titled “The Mountain Car.” I’ve heard a bunch of feedback from the listeners saying that they really enjoy these episodes, which has been awesome for me since I genuinely enjoy reading these chapters and I’m so glad that I’m not the only one. As you may have noticed in some of the previous episodes, the humor in these chapters can really get to me, and I try my best to read as clearly as possible but I can’t help but laugh uncontrollably sometimes. I’ve heard from a few people that it’s pretty funny to just listen to me laughing. So, I hope you enjoy this episode and thank you for tuning in!

Mar 23, 2018
Welcome to the show folks. On today’s episode by Bryan Posthumous who works for Colorado’s Parks and Wildlife Public Outreach. We go into great detail about the state of Colorado and dive into many different topics that will be useful for many people who want to hunt the state, but don’t have much experience with how the system works. We cover topics such as general hunting opportunities, different tag opportunities, how the draw system works, how to understand the hunt code that you are applying for, and much of the general regulations that are important to know if you’re wanting to come hunt this state. Bryan is a wealth of knowledge and has most the entire Colorado hunting regulation book memorized. He is also a great example of how we as hunters should act and perform so that we portray a positive light from the hunting community. The state of Colorado does a great job at showing the general public the positivity that hunting has on the ecosystem, which is quite refreshing to see after living in California. The Colorado applications are coming up pretty quick here, so I hope this podcast answers most of the questions that some of you might about how it works, and I hope that you’re successful during this application period. Thank you, Bryan, for being a great guest and sharing all the information with me and the listeners, and thank you for all of you who tune in! 
Show Notes:
  • Interview starts (1:00)
  • Estes park elk festival (3:30)
  • The basics of the Colorado big game applications (8:15)
  • Breaking down game units and hunt codes (14:15)
  • Understanding the point system (25:00)
  • Turkey hunt applications (27:30)
  • How the draw works (29:15)
  • Left over tags (38:15)
  • Reissue license (42:45)
  • The different limited licenses draw processes (45:00)
  • Hunt statistics (49:15)
  • Random number in the draw (52:45)
  • White tail specific tags potential (59:30)
  • Making a game plan (1:04:45)
  • Getting to know your units (1:10:00)
  • Muzzleloader advantages (1:13:30)
  • Landowner courtesy cards (1:18:45)
  • Being advocates for the image of hunting (1:24:15)
  • List A and List B opportunities (1:26:30)
  • Hunt code quotas (1:39:00)
  • Archery regulations (1:42:00)
  • Hunter education verification (1:49:15)
  • Carcass tag (1:52:00)
  • Sheep, Moose. and Goat opportunities (1:58:30)
  • Fish and game appreciation in Colorado (2:07:00)
  • State land that you’re able to hunt (2:11:00)
  • Resources such as “Hunt Data” (2:15:45)
Mar 20, 2018
Hey everyone, welcome to the show! On today’s episode, The Stalker Stickbow team gathers around in my living room, and we talk about where the company’s headed and how we got to where we are today. As some of you may know, the team is growing, we’ve added Jake Veldhaus, or as we like to call him, “JV” who will be doing a lot of the computer art design that we need for production. I also sent him to Grady Rawls’s film school a couple weeks ago, and he seems to be picking up the video production quite nicely. He’ll be helping out with editing some of my older content that has never been released, so hopefully here pretty soon we will have some new films coming out for you all to see. I am very happy to announce that I was able to talk my wife, Kyri Cox into sitting in on this episode, and she and I reminisced over our backcountry hunts we did together in our first couple years of marriage. Jake Morris, who has been on the show before, brought up what he’ll be doing for hunting season, as well as what the whole crew will be doing with each other, so you guys can expect some awesome hunts to come from us this year. I hope you enjoy this episode and get to know the Stalker team a little better and let us know what you would like to see from us in the future, with a little more manpower than we’ve had before, we are going to be able to get some awesome stuff put out there for you guys. Thanks for listening!
Show Notes:
  • Interview starts (1:00)
  • The newest addition to the family “JV” (5:15)
  • Attending Grady Rawls’s Film School (10:30)
  • New developments coming from Stalker (12:00)
  • South’s wife Kyri Cox (16:00)
  • Backcountry hunting as newlyweds (22:00)
  • Application season (27:30)
  • Teaching the young one's archery (33:00)
  • Upcoming hunts for the group (38:00)
  • The craigslist lurker (43:00)
  • The new pack llamas (46:00)
  • Hunting opportunities in Australia (50:30)
  • Let us know what you want to see from us (55:30)
On today’s episode, I sit down in my living room with my lovely wife Kyri Cox, Jake Morris, and the newest member of the team Jake Veldhaus, or “JV” as we call him in the shop. The whole Stalker team is together and we discuss future plans for the year.
Mar 15, 2018

Hey everybody, welcome to the show. I am back from Australia, and just getting over being sick which is why my voice might sound a little off. Today’s episode is another Patrick McManus episode, this chapter being one of my personal favorites. It’s a story I can relate too from my childhood, growing up playing with tons of explosives for fun. Hope you guys enjoy this episode, I appreciate you tuning in!

Mar 5, 2018
Welcome to the show, on today’s episode I am lucky enough to have sat down with Wayne Endicott, owner of the Bow Rack, and we had an awesome discussion about hunting in Oregon. We pretty much cover all of the over the counter hunts in Oregon, including some of Wayne’s history growing up, and how he became a bow shop owner. Wayne lives in Western Oregon, which means he is lucky enough to be able to hunt Blacktail deer every year, so we spend quite a bit of time discussing tactics for hunting these elusive deer. We also talk about some of the histories in Wallowa County, and how the wolves in Oregon have affected Wallowa. To wrap up the episode Wayne shares stories about Roy Roth, which I hope you all enjoy. I hope that you all enjoy this episode, and thank you for listening.
Show Notes:
  • Interview starts (3:00)
  • Becoming a bow shop owner (12:15)
  • The hunting community today (27:45)
  • Hunting in Oregon (33:45)
  • Southern Oregon blacktail (42:00)
  • Private leases (44:00)
  • Hunting Oregon high country (48:00)
  • Spot and stalk vs tree stand hunting for blacktail (52:00)
  • Rattling in blacktail bucks (58:30)
  • Columbian whitetail deer (1:04:30)
  • Wolves in Oregon (1:14:00)
  • Stories about Roy Roth (1:34:00)
  • The Bow Rack (1:57:00)
Mar 2, 2018

On today’s episode, South reads a chapter from a Patrick McManus book, a chapter titled “Blowing Smoke.” Don’t forget, the podcast is looking for support from the listeners in order to help cover some of the costs to produce the show, without having to turn to show sponsors to do so. Please check out the Stalker Stickbows website, where you will be able to find logo t-shirts and sticker decals. You’re purchasing these items will help us keep the show going at the rate that we are, and keep the show sponsor free! we appreciate those who have already purchased shirts. Thanks for listening, we hope you enjoy this episode.

Feb 27, 2018

Welcome to the show, everybody. On today's episode, we are releasing a podcast that South was a guest on for the "Living Country in the City" podcast. You can listen here, as well on their podcast as well. Hope you enjoy this episode!

Feb 21, 2018

On today's episode of the Western Bowhunter Podcast, South reads a chapter from a Patrick McManus book, titled "Shooting the Chick-A-Nout Narrows." This is the second episode of the Patrick McManus series.

Feb 18, 2018
Welcome to episode 69 of the Western Bowhunter Podcast. On today’s show, I sit down with Grady Rawls, a freelance photographer, videographer, and editor from north eastern Oregon, and we discuss in depth what you need to know to produce a high quality film. We talk different cameras, lenses, audio, editing software, and everything you can pretty much think of to make high quality hunting films. Grady has been producing films with his team and has put out hundreds of films,, which you can find at his vimeo account. Years ago, I attended a film school that Grady hosted, which was an awesome 4 day experience set in Sunriver, Oregon. The school was an intense crash course on all things DSLR and filmmaking, and I recommend it to anyone who is on the fence about starting their own web series or even just filming your own hunts for yourself. Thanks for the listen!
Show Notes:
  • Introductions (1:00)
  • Interview starts (10:45)
  • Who is Grady Rawls? (12:15)
  • Camcorder vs Mirrorless/DSLR (17:30)
  • Canon vs Sony (21:00)
  • Megapixel importance (26:30)
  • Investing in equipment to fit your needs (30:45)
  • Whats the best lens for what you’re doing (35:00)
  • Full frame vs crop sensor (38:00)
  • Benefits of the A6500 (42:30)
  • Metabones adaptors and foreign lenses (44:30)
  • Buying full frame lenses for your crop sensor body (49:00)
  • IBIS in both the camera and the lens (53:30)
  • Prime vs telephotos (56:30)
  • Gathering audio in multiple scenarios (1:02:30)
  • Investing in audio equipment (1:15:45)
  • The difference between using a Beachtek vs an H1 (1:22:15)
  • Running a cage on your camera (1:27:00)
  • Buying used equipment (1:30:00)
  • Attending Grady’s film school (1:36:00)
  • Films benefiting conservation (1:47:00)
  • Watching Grady’s content (1:50:00)
  • Becoming a do it all camera man (1:53:00)
  • Wages for film production (1:55:30)
Feb 9, 2018

Hey everybody, welcome to the show. If you listened to last weeks episode, you’ll remember that I mentioned that I was wanting to do episodes of reading from Patrick McManus books. Patrick McManus is an outdoor author who I happen to find hilarious. If you enjoy listening to audio books, I hope that these podcast episodes will do well for you. I hope that you guys enjoy this chapter from one of his books. I will be doing one chapter per episode, so they’ll be fairly short, quick episodes. Let me know what you guys think of this, and I hope you enjoy!

Feb 3, 2018
On today’s episode, South runs solo, and explains why there has been a lack of production recently. Some news from the podcast is shared, regarding hosts, and new apparel. South dives into some of the products that he is looking forward to trying out in the upcoming season, that are being displayed at the Outdoor Retailer Expo. Thanks for listening!
Show Notes:
  • Interview starts (1:00)
  • Podcast news (2:30)
  • Patrick McManus readings (7:30)
  • Upcoming Outdoor Retailer Shows (10:45)
  • New gear to look out for (19:30)
  • New food products (27:00)
  • Hygiene products (34:00)
  • In conclusion (37:30)
Jan 5, 2018
Hey everyone, welcome to the show, and happy new year! On today’s episode, South sits down with Lane Walter, a talented camera man for outdoor productions such as Outback outdoors, as well as a contestant in the Full Draw Film Tour. South and Lane discuss going from basically zero knowledge with a camera, to running full manual and on the latest DSLR’s. Lane shares his experiences on the DIY Alaskan moose float hunt he did in 2017, and gives some words of advice for those who are looking for a similar adventure. Lane also shares some wisdom on hunting Colorado, particularly as a non resident, wanting to get the best hunt for their time and money invested. We appreciate you tuning in!
Show Notes:
  • Show starts (1:00)
  • Learning the camera (5:15)
  • Moose float trip (17:00)
  • Planning a DIY moose hunt (38:00)
  • Gear to bring (43:30)
  • First timers (47:00)
  • Hunting Kodiak Island (55:00)
  • Hunting Colorado (1:00:15)
  • Video editing (1:10:30)
  • Keeping up with Lane’s content (1:16:00)
Dec 6, 2017
Hey everybody, welcome to the show. On today’s episode i bring my friend Mark Viehweg on and we discuss the ins and outs of hunting in South Dakota. The state has plenty of opportunity to offer, and could very easily be over looked compared to its neighboring states. I hope this episode brought some knowledge for you and I recommend looking into hunting South Dakota! Thanks for listening.
Show Notes:
  • Interview starts (1:15)
  • Hunting west of the Missouri River (4:45)
  • Hunting the badlands (11:15)
  • Bad winters over the last few years (12:45)
  • Tag opportunities in South Dakota (14:15)
  • Hunting mule deer in the high plains (21:15)
  • Antelope opportunities in South Dakota (26:00)
  • Mule deer rut in South Dakota (30:45)
  • Traditional Bowhunters Magazine (33:15)
  • Weapon specific tags (41:45)
Nov 1, 2017
Welcome to the show. On today’s episode, South sits down with Trevon Stoltzfus of Outback Outdoors, and dive into many of the behind the scenes secrets of making outdoor television and web series productions. They discuss the pros and cons of going with television instead of web series, camera equipment, and the problems that most productions are running into, which is being disconnected with the reality of hunting, that it is not all about the success, but more the stories that come with every trip. We hope you all enjoy this episode, thank you for listening!
Show Notes:
  • Interview starts (1:15)
  • Hunting Nebraska (9:15)
  • Starting Outback Outdoors (17:15)
  • Telling a story (27:15)
  • Outdoor TV shows (31:30)
  • Too close for comfort (39:15)
  • Having a good cameraman (45:00)
  • There is always a chance (52:00)
  • TV vs. Web (55:15)
  • The storyline is always the most important part (1:08:15)
  • Keeping the story real (1:27:15)
  • Not getting caught up in unsuccessful hunts (1:37:15)
  • Camera equipment (1:39:15)
  • Trying the stick bow (1:54:45)
Oct 28, 2017
Hey everybody, welcome to the show. In today’s episode, South and Kody bring Trent on and relive this last season and the crazy project that everybody knows as the Land of the Free project. The guys sit down and break down nearly every state that was hunted in this project, and dig into more detail on just about everything that has been released before. They discuss lots of gear and camera equipment, and how to keep things organized on a crazy adventure such as this one. Thanks all for listening, and we hope you’re looking forward to the beginning of The Land of the Free!
Show Notes:
  • Interview starts (1:30)
  • A brutal Montana hunt (3:30)
  • The only Montana bull (14:15)
  • The Idaho hunt (21:30)
  • Using decoys (24:45)
  • Perfect timing (29:30)
  • Pure Elevation in Colorado (35:30)
  • Everything over the counter (43:30)
  • Hunting with different groups (50:15)
  • If you could only have one hunt (54:30)
  • Best gear from this season (1:00:30)
  • The Sony 6500 (1:13:30)
  • Having good equipment pays off (1:28:30)
  • Dropping bulls off at the butcher (1:34:15)
  • The OnX after party (1:36:30)
  • The Land Of the Free goes live (1:39:30)
  • How to top this year (1:45:30)
  • South to Texas (1:50:15)
  • The new Stalker bow (1:52:45)
Oct 23, 2017
Hey everybody, welcome to the show! In today’s episode, I bring Mike Mitten back on, and we talk about his awesome successful solo moose hunt in Alaska. If you listened to the last few episodes, you’ll know that we recently talked to Mike and he explained the crazy journey of moose hunting with traditional equipment. Now that Mike has filled his tag this year, it seemed fitting to bring him back on and hear the story of the absolute giant that he took! hope you all enjoy this episode.
Show Notes:
  • Interview starts (1:30)
  • The trip up to Alaska (4:00)
  • Sketchy landings (18:00)
  • Reaching as many ears as possible (21:30)
  • Why bulls will lock up on you (28:30)
  • A moose at the bottom of the hill (39:30)
  • Coming into your shooting lane (48:30)
  • Killing a warrior (56:30)
  • A 70 inch bull (1:02:30)
  • Multiple opportunities (1:10:30)
  • Condensation in the sawtooth (1:17:00)
  • Gear questions (1:23:00)
  • Bow set up for a recurve moose hunt (1:31:00)
  • Water treatment (1:42:00)
  • Breaking down 600 pounds of meat (1:44:00)
  • Total cost of the trip (1:49:30)
Oct 15, 2017
Welcome to the show. Thanks for staying with us in this gap between episodes, I’m sure everyone understands the delay is that its hunting season. We hope that this season has brought you many memories and success. In today's episode, South sits down with his employee Jake, and they discuss the process of moving from northern California to Colorado in pursuit of the dream that they are chasing. They discuss the decisions that lead up to quitting your stable job and pursuing a job in what you’re passionate about. Thank you all for listening!
Show Notes:
  • Interview starts (1:00)
  • Working for South (8:00)
  • The road trip (18:30)
  • Going from a stable job to going all in on a big move (26:00)
  • Advice to your 20-year-old self (36:30)
  • Moving to a location that benefits your interests and goals (43:00)
  • Interning for your dream job (54:00)
  • Live looking forward, not looking backwards (59:00)
Sep 29, 2017
Welcome to the show, everybody. On today’s episode, South sits down with Kody and interviews him about the crazy season that the Born and Raised crew and many others have had so far this season. Kody goes over from start to finish the series of events that have lead to having such a successful season so far, and how they’ve managed to put 12 bulls on the ground. Be sure to check out the Born and Raised Youtube page to keep up with all the crazy hunts that have happened this year! Thanks for listening guys!
Show Notes:
  • Interview starts (1:00)
  • Stats so far for the Born and Raised Crew (7:30)
  • The Rambo bike (11:45)
  • Hush crew goes Roosevelt hunting (14:00)
  • Trevor and Steve’s hunt (32:00)
  • Calling elk for a world championship caller (28:00)
  • Cory’s bull and Donnie’s bull (38:00)
  • Trent’s first six point (44:00)
  • The mobile fridge (46:00)
  • The tarp and quilt set up (50:00)
  • Day one with Pure Elevation (56:45)
  • Never walk past the elk (1:03:45)
  • Finishing up the season (1:08:00)
  • South’s season so far (1:11:00)
  • Go further than anyone else (1:23:00)
  • The BRO signature series reeds (1:29:00)
  • Getting through different footage from this season (1:32:15)
Sep 15, 2017
Welcome to today’s show, in this episode South sits down with his hunting crew and they discuss their middle of the hunt update. Many highs and many lows can occur within only a couple of days while in the backcountry, all of which are discussed during this episode. South also comes on at the end of the recording to share a series of unfortunate events that occurs very shortly behind the recording of this podcast. Hope you all enjoy the show, and good luck with the rest of your seasons. 
Show Notes:
  • Show starts (1:30)
  • Hunting with no pants (9:00)
  • When to call off a search (19:30)
  • Day two (28:30)
  • The classic error (43:15)
  • To new areas (48:30)
  • Never ditch your packs (55:00)
  • The struggle of trying to get kills on film (1:03:00)
  • The one time you don’t bring your rain gear (1:08:30)
  • Day 3 turns elk hunt (1:11:30)
  • Trying to get it done in the last couple of days (1:24:45)
  • An unfortunate series of events (1:30:30)
Sep 4, 2017
Hey guys, welcome to the show. On today’s episode, Trent Kody and South sit down pre season and talk about gear, and the ethics of hunting in public lands. We can all agree that you don’t need the most expensive gear in the world to get out there and do an awesome backcountry hunt, and we discuss what has worked well for us. South goes into depth on his problems in the last few years of running into people where he is hunting, which brings up the discussion about what to do when that happens, and the ethics that go around hunting where other people are at. 
Show notes:
  • Interview starts (3:00)
  • Don’t let lack of equipment keep you from hunting (7:00)
  • Gear doesn’t trump woodsman ship (14:00)
  • Souths upcoming Nevada hunt (19:30)
  • Selling old gear/buying used gear (22:00)
  • Tents vs bivy and tarps (29:00)
  • Packs (35:00)
  • Getting the full experience of the rut (38:15)
  • Scheduling different states around the rut (41:15)
  • Upcoming hunts for 45 days (46:15)
  • Sharing hunting spots  (51:30)
  • Hunting brand new areas (1:01:15)
  • Having people intrude on your spots (1:05:00)
  • Passing on a 300 bull (1:18:15)
  • Final thoughts (1:22:45)
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