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The Western Bowhunter Podcast is here to bring you people and stories of Western Bowhunting. Hosted by South Cox of Stalker Stickbows and Kody Kellom of Born And Raised Outdoors, where they live life to the fullest! Whether it is topics of preparing for the backcountry, calling elk or spot and stalk hunting, we will bring you interesting guests and incredible insight. If you bowhunt the West for Elk, Mule Deer, Blacktail Deer, or anything you can chase with a tag, you better sit tight and enjoy the ride. If you have any questions or requests, we'd love to hear from you. E-mail us at: Thanks for listening! // South Cox & Kody Kellom
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Apr 25, 2019
Hey everyone, welcome to the show! Today’s episode is with Allen Clark. Allen has a very interesting goal, to hunt in all 50 states. We discuss his drive to fulfill this goal, including how his involvement with the Pope and Young committee has helped make it possible. I hope you all enjoy this episode, thank you for listening!
Show Notes:
  • The fifty state slam (2:00)
  • Donald Trump Jr.’s representation in hunting (6:15)
  • Hunting axis deer with a stick bow (8:30)
  • The desire to hunt goats (12:00)
  • Hunting California  (19:00)
  • Volunteer work with Pope and Young (25:00)
Apr 20, 2019

Hey all, welcome to the show! Lots going in the Stalker world, pope and young events, lots of bows being built, and the weather is changing around here. This episode is a reading from a Patrick McManus book “Never Sniff a Gift Fish” chapter titled “Edgy Rider” I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did. Thanks for listening!

Mar 16, 2019
Welcome back to the Western Bowhunter Podcast. Its been quite a while since we’ve put an episode out, and it feels good to knock the dust off. Today’s guest is Ed Franchin, former law enforcement officer and current taxidermist out of Arizona. In this episode we discuss things such as hunting couse deer and mule deer in Arizona, mountain lion hunting, and hunting Alaska. Thank you all for tuning in!
Show Notes:
  • Background on Ed Franchin (3:30)
  • Choosing Arizona (7:00)
  • Mountain lions on couse deer (15:30)
  • Time period for hunting cause deer (23:30)
  • Upcoming mule deer tag (30:30)
  • Hunting mountain lions (39:00)
  • Becoming a Pope and Young member (43:15)
  • Hunting Alaska (47:45)
  • Getting into taxidermy (1:01:00)
Dec 8, 2018

Hey everybody, welcome to the show! Today's episode is back by popular demand, a reading from Patrick McManus. Make sure you don't skip the intro as I get you all caught up on whats going on in the Stalker world, and how you will all hopefully be seeing much faster turn around times! Hope you all enjoy this episode, thanks for listening.

Nov 17, 2018

Hey everyone, welcome to the show. This episode is one from the archives that was recorded before season started, but is still a great episode to share. Today's guests are my longtime friends Ron Crouch and Rodney York. You can follow along on their hunts by visiting their youtube page or website- BentBowProductions.  I hope you all enjoy this episode, and thanks for tuning in!

Show Notes:
  • Bent Bow Productions (2:00)
  • British Columbia goat hunt (8:00)
  • At the end of 240 miles of gravel road (16:30)
  • “You’re up” (25:00)
  • Stalking a billy with a stick bow (29:30)
  • Techniques for the hunt (44:00)
  • Preparing mental toughness (53:30)
  • Timeframe for capes (1:02:30)
  • Teaching yourself to bow hunt (1:09:00)
  • Confidence in the field (1:20:45)
  • A love for traditional bowhunting (1:27:30)


Nov 2, 2018

Hey everybody, welcome to the show! Today's episode is one that I recorded with the Push Archery folks not too long ago, and we decided to co release it on both podcasts. In this episode we talk about my various trips throughout the season, particularly the hunt in Colorado with Tim and the film he produced for me. If you haven't checked it out, please do! It's worth your time. Thanks for listening!

The High Country Film

Nov 1, 2018
Hey guys, welcome to the show. In today’s episode I have my friend Nick White, who is a fellow trad bow hunter, and happened to have the same elk tag in Colorado that I had this year. Nick drew the tag as a non resident, and was hunting not too far from us. We kept in touch through out the hunt, and decided it be best to set up a podcast and recall all of our memories. I appreciate you all  listening to the show, thanks for tuning in!
Show Notes:
  • Preference points for Colorado tags (2:00)
  • Age class of bulls (8:00)
  • Scouting preseason (12:00)
  • Hunting pressure (17:00)
  • Hunt highlights (21:00)
  • Start of South’s hunt (32:00)
  • The order of events for South’s bull (47:00)
  • The pressure to get it done (56:00)
  • Nick’s bull (1:04:30)
  • The relief when it all comes together (1:12:30)
  • Nick’s gear set up (1:15:45)
  • The Push Archery guys (1:38:00)
Sep 9, 2018

Hey there everybody, welcome to today's show. This episode was recorded quite a while back, so most of the information in the start may be old news to a few of you, so I apologize. Today's episode is a Patrick McManus reading from the book "A Fine and Pleasant Misery," chapter being "The Two Wheeled ATV." I hope everybody's having success in their season so far, I can't wait to share and hear all the stories. Thanks for listening!

Jul 6, 2018
Hey everyone, welcome to the show. Today’s guest is a good friend of mine, Randy Burtis. On this episode, Randy and I discuss hunting mostly in the state of Wyoming. Randy is proficient and spot and stalk archery antelope hunting, mule deer hunting, and it is his preferred tactic for archery elk hunting, compared to calling. Randy dives into how he hunts elk with his recurve by trailing along herds and never uses a call. I hope you all enjoy this episode, thanks for listening!
Show Notes:
  • Randy Burtis introduction (1:00)
  • Wyoming antelope hunting (8:45)
  • Rifle deer opportunities in Wyoming (20:00)
  • Massive deer migrations (28:00)
  • Wyoming elk opportunities (37:15)
  • Wyoming draw system (42:30)
  • Randy’s elk tactics (47:30)
  • Hunting elk on the move (1:03:00)
  • Hunting the full moon (1:07:15)
  • Adjusting to Montana (1:20:00)
  • Gear for hunting off your back (1:28:15)
  • Hunting elk all night (1:34:00)
Jun 29, 2018

Hey there everyone, welcome to the show. Today's show is going to be a well over due Patrick McManus episode that many of you have been asking for. I take quite a bit of time at the beginning of the show to catch you all up with whats been going on in my life, including details about my hunt with Lary jones coming up in the fall. Thank you all for listening!

Jun 19, 2018

Hey everyone, welcome to the show! Today’s episode has an extra special guest, someone who I have looked up to in the hunting industry for many years, Randy Ulmer. Randy is one of those all star hunters who you can bet is going to punch every tag he’s got on an absolute giant. He as been bowhunting for many many years, and is a book of knowledge. In this episode we talk about his backcountry set up, his stalk process, and lots of other super important information that I’m sure you will all enjoying listening too. Thank you all for tuning in!

Show Notes:
  • Who is Randy Ulmer (1:30)
  • Randy’s current bow set up (5:00)
  • Shooting heavy FOC (12:15)
  • Arrow vanes (18:30)
  • The Ulmer Edge broadhead (21:15)
  • Bow setup (26:30)
  • The transition from elk hunting to mule deer hunting  (52:00)
  • Elk hunting tactics (55:00)
  • Executing a stalk (1:10:00)
  • Maximum affective shooting range changing your stalk (1:14:00)
  • Mental approach to a stalk (1:24:00)
  • Controlling your scent in the backcountry (1:29:00)
  • Hunting with a partner (1:31:45)
  • Optics (1:45:00)
  • Sleeper states for mule deer (1:49:00)
  • “What’s buck fever?” (2:00:00)
Jun 11, 2018
Hey everyone, welcome to the show. Today’s guest is Jade Helmich of Full Draw Film Tour. For those of you who may not know what FDFT is, I would definitely suggest visiting their website and reading more about it and of course pick up some tickets for the location closest to you! I’ve been to multiple shows and must say it is a very well done event and something I look forward to every year. Jade breaks down all the stops on the tour this year, and gives a general description of what the submissions look like this year. We talk a lot about what makes films good, anywhere from the importance of a storyline, to the type of equipment being used. I hope you all enjoy this episode, and make sure you pick up tickets to the show!
Show Notes:
  • Show tour stops (1:45)
  • The content of the tour this year (12:15)
  • Hunting with Lary D. Jones this season (17:30)
  • Making a submission to FDFT (21:30)
  • The importance of the story line (20:00)
  • Tour sponsors this year (28:00)
  • Camera equipment being used in the industry (30:30)
  • The importance of good audio (38:15)
  • Editing softwares (47:30)
Jun 3, 2018
Hey everyone, welcome to the show! On today’s episode I am joined by the guys from The Push Archery, and we dive in deep on setting up and shooting an ILF bow. We quite literally cover everything there is to consider when it comes to tuning and getting set up, so there is quite a bit of information in this one. You might hear us using words or phrases that may not make sense if you don’t have much experience tuning a bow, so I would encourage you to reach out to myself or The Push Archery pages and ask if there is anything that you don’t quite understand. I hope you all enjoy listening to this episode, thanks for tuning in!
Show Notes:
  •  Making the transition from compound to traditional (2:00)
  • Interchanging limbs on ILF bows (9:00)
  • South’s decision to build ILF (15:00)
  • Tuning your recurve (20:15)
  • Adjustable side plates (27:15)
  • Setting up a new bow (30:30)
  • Setting tiller height (42:15)
  • Rechecking your bare shaft (48:45)
  • String silencers (56:30)
  • Arrow quivers (1:02:15)
May 21, 2018

Hey everyone, welcome to the show. It’s good to be back like I mentioned in the last episode my editor Nick had to take a couple weeks off unexpectedly. So hopefully everything runs smoothly from here on out. This is another Patrick McManus episode, titled “The Big Match” from Never Sniff A Gift Fish. Unfortunately, I learned that our beloved author passed away last week, at the age of 84. So this episode is extra special, and I hope you all enjoy it. Thanks for listening!

May 8, 2018
Hey everybody, welcome to the show. I’d like to apologize for the lack of episodes being posted recently, my editor was unexpectedly unavailable. I appreciate you all being patient, and hope you enjoy this next episode. On today’s show, I am joined by My good friend Brian Morris, and we discuss hunting in California. Brian has been hunting in California for long enough to have seen dramatic changes in populations and hunting areas, which we discuss in depth. I hope you all enjoy this episode, and don’t forget to leave a review! Thanks for listening.
Show Notes:
  • Interview starts (00:45)
  • Brians history of hunting with a stick bow (3:00)
  • Hunting with our mutual friend Charlie (7:00)
  • Brian’s daughter (8:30)
  • Turkey hunting opportunities (15:00)
  • Hog populations (19:00)
  • Deer populations (25:00)
  • Brian’s stud black bear from last year (27:45)
  • Brian’s recurve set up (33:30)
  • Arrow set ups (37:00)
  • Shooting styles (43:00)
  • Nevada Elk hunts (48:30)
Apr 17, 2018

Hey everyone, welcome to the show. At the beginning of this episode I clarify something that was spoken about on our last episode about Colorado. It has to do with the legality of certain types of broad heads, so make sure you listen closely, and I apologize for any confusion and misinforming all of you. This episode is once again a Patrick McManus episode. This chapter is from his book “To Sniff a Gift Fish,” titled “The Bush Pilot.” I apologize for the lack of episodes from last week, but we are back on it and have got a lot of content coming out for you guys and we will be as consistent as we should be for you all. I appreciate you listening today, and being patient with us! Hope you all enjoy this episode as much as I did.

Apr 5, 2018

Hey everyone, welcome to the show. Today’s episode is a little different. I am joined by my old friend Charlie Bisharat, who was the founder and creator of Stalker Stickbows. In this episode, we reminisce over how Stalker came to be, the series of events that lead up to it being handed over to me, and just over all some of the history behind the company. I hope you guy’s enjoy this sort of behind the scenes episode, and thanks for listening.

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